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A modern solution to dividing your office

Many business nowadays have opted for the modern, open plan layout. However whilst these may look appealing to the eye, are these open plan offices actually doing us any favours? Some studies indicate that having an open plan working environment does not improve communication, morale, or productivity like first thought.

Whilst there is conflicting evidence on open plan offices, they will undoubtingly experience issues with noise and lack of privacy. So what’s the solution to keep that modern office feel, but to create a more quiet and private work place?

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Office partition screens are a fantastic way to help re-shape your work space without the need of a complete office refurbishment. Not only do they look great, some of the benefits are listed below.

Privacy: an office partition screen is a non-permanent fixture that divides office space. They provide an element of privacy to employees, allowing them to be comfortable while they work.

Sound: Depending on the material used, an office partition screen can also offer excellent sound absorption properties.

Cost effective: a partition screen is a cost effective way of dividing the space without losing any of the benefits of the open plan layout or the expense of building individual offices.

Office partition screens might not be the most exciting piece of equipment for your office. But they are a great solution to the issues you might be experiencing in your open plan office. You can pin posters to your partition screens, draw ideas on them, move them around and even fold them. Our portable office partition screens are just that, don’t be restricted to walls that don’t move! Customise the shape of your office with the help of our perfectly designed partition screens.

The impact of a noisy office can also manifest itself into headaches, migraines and stress related illnesses. If you are looking for a cost effective solution to solve these issues, get in contact with us here at Rap. We have a large range of partition screens available and you can take a look at them here: http://bit.ly/1LNmby9

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How to create your dream office when you don’t own the building

When it comes to building your dream office you really don’t have to be an interior designer. And while you may not own the building that really doesn’t mean you cannot add your personal touch and get creative with your office space.

When deciding on colour, remember choosing the right colour and lighting scheme is one of the simplest ways to enhance your performance. Yes, really! Different colour and light levels have proven psychological effects. If its performance enhancement you’re after look for blues and greens. And if you’re seeking to let loose your creative side dim those lights!

Add plants! Plants are a great way to not only add colour to your office, they also create that relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The proven benefits of turning your office green is simply remarkable! They can reduce stress, increase productivity and even reduce sickness! Who’d thought a plant could be so powerful?

As we’ve said previously, if you don’t own the building you may be limited as to what you can do with the internal walls. But that shouldn’t stop you getting your desired look. Creating curves in the office environment has been linked with positive emotions. Our Budget pinnable Wave screens are an ideal solution to achieve this look. And as we mentioned previously your colour scheme plays a huge importance to the design of your office. Did we mention our Budget pinnable screens are available in a choice of 17 different colours? So you will be sure to find one which suits.

Our Budget Pinnable Wave screens also provides you with a notice board where you will be able to pin your own work, pictures and those all important messages to. You’ll be able to combine style, and have a fully functional hardwearing product all in one.

At Rap Industries our Budget Wave screens come with a 5 year guarantee. Good quality office furniture really doesn’t have to end up breaking the bank! So whether you know what you’re looking for, or still seeking inspiration pick up the phone and call our dedicated staff who will be able to guide you through the process.


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