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Take notice of how the Clippy Board can benefit your office

Have you noticed anything different in the office recently? Are there a few less customers coming in or does your staff seem a little less motivated? Something needs to change and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. But we think we have just the thing to solve all of your problems…

The Clippy Board is a brand new display system that you should really take notice of if you’re looking to change your office around for the better. Not only could you improve footfall but you could develop a winning team and watch your business become a complete success!

Straighten up your staff

It’s time to perk up the staff room and bring back that positivity that’s been missing in the office recently. The Clippy Board is capable of boosting morale, bringing teams together and providing solutions. Here’s how you can use the Clippy Board to do all of this and more…

  • Team building exercises
  • Reward and leadership schemes
  • Employee of the month
  • Use the Clippy Board as a calendar and diary to get your team organised
  • Display weekly motivational quotes or jokes (boost morale)

Get noticed

Use The Clippy Board to see customers flock in by using it as a notice board in the shop window or in store. The Clippy Board has many added benefits to other notice boards such as:

  • It can hold up to 34 pieces of A4 paper so you can put a crazy about of promotional material in one place.
  • It’s double sided so more people will take notice
  • It’s strong and robust so you don’t need to worry about replacing it
  • It’s adaptable to change. You can change your promotional material around
  • It can be easily moved to a location of your choice

Bring back the office buzz by purchasing your very own Clippy Board today. You simply can’t ignore how the Clippy Board could benefit your office. Take notice and take action by calling us today to find out more on: 01733394941Clippy Board


How can our Clippy Board make your office come alive?

Have you ever worked (or maybe even owned) a boring office space? You might even be in one right now whilst you’re reading this. You know the type, white or beige, sterile, no colour, no plants, nothing really engaging or inspiring at all!

What can you do though? When you’re renting an office space it’s easy to feel quite limited as to what you can do, you don’t want to paint or put too much up on the walls right?

So we have some ideas for you this month that can really help you make your office come alive:

  • Open bookshelves

This is a really cost effective solution to bring some creativity and colour into your workspace, whether you put books, ornaments or photo frames…. creating this simple and effective storage facility enables you (and your team) to put some personality into the place (without touching the walls!)

  • Eclectic objects

Adding some peculiar, interesting and altogether bizarre objects into your office space can create a bit of a talking point for your staff and visitors. It also gives off the impression that you’re an individual organisation with personality and spirit. It can’t hurt right?

  • Art work, notices and conversation Oh my!

Wait, before you say it, we know- putting anything on the walls is a no no and we understand that, which is why we would like to recommend our brand new Clippy Board for your office, this fantastic piece of equipment will enable you to hang art, create a notice board, engage with staff, post photos and even updated sales messages all in one place. And the best thing about the Clippy Board? It’s got wheels! So you can move it around. You can use it for a specific training event, you can have it posted in reception or maybe in the staff room? Or just put it in an easy to see spot on the office floor. Empower your employees to update it regularly, give them their own space to discuss, banter and feedback to you.

Watch your office come alive with our suggestions above, good luck and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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