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Take notice of how the Clippy Board can benefit your office

Have you noticed anything different in the office recently? Are there a few less customers coming in or does your staff seem a little less motivated? Something needs to change and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. But we think we have just the thing to solve all of your problems…

The Clippy Board is a brand new display system that you should really take notice of if you’re looking to change your office around for the better. Not only could you improve footfall but you could develop a winning team and watch your business become a complete success!

Straighten up your staff

It’s time to perk up the staff room and bring back that positivity that’s been missing in the office recently. The Clippy Board is capable of boosting morale, bringing teams together and providing solutions. Here’s how you can use the Clippy Board to do all of this and more…

  • Team building exercises
  • Reward and leadership schemes
  • Employee of the month
  • Use the Clippy Board as a calendar and diary to get your team organised
  • Display weekly motivational quotes or jokes (boost morale)

Get noticed

Use The Clippy Board to see customers flock in by using it as a notice board in the shop window or in store. The Clippy Board has many added benefits to other notice boards such as:

  • It can hold up to 34 pieces of A4 paper so you can put a crazy about of promotional material in one place.
  • It’s double sided so more people will take notice
  • It’s strong and robust so you don’t need to worry about replacing it
  • It’s adaptable to change. You can change your promotional material around
  • It can be easily moved to a location of your choice

Bring back the office buzz by purchasing your very own Clippy Board today. You simply can’t ignore how the Clippy Board could benefit your office. Take notice and take action by calling us today to find out more on: 01733394941Clippy Board


How the Clippy Board will stop you ever missing a work date!

If you are generally an unorganised person it can have a very negative effect on your work, life and productivity (as well as many other areas in your life).  It’s annoying right?

You may do your job as effectively as you can and complete everything just fine, but what if we were to say you could do better? Wouldn’t you want to know how? Being more organised will prevent you and your team from making those silly mistakes and become much more productive. Really, you should try it!

Great organisation = being more efficient, this in turn can save you many hours in your busy week and will decrease those stress levels which go hand in hand. So how are you going to get more organised?

With organisation in mind, here at Rap Industries, we have created a modern, yet extremely cost effective office board which can be used time and time again. The Clippy Board comes in a range of sizes and can also be personalised to you, your business and your brand!

IMG_5743 - logo

The Clippy Board comes with grip rail technology which enables you to hold your paper materials firmly in place. With the ability to use both sides this enables you to display all those important office dates you need to remember! The Clippy Board can be used to manage events, appointments and milestones. Take this opportunity for you and your staff to have a bigger than life, visual calendar and it will be impossible to miss anything.

Coordinating yourself, and your staff’s busy schedules can be a challenge, especially when the people you manage have different meeting schedules. By introducing the Clippy Board to your office you can put an end to having to question who’s where and who’s doing what. All you need to do is turn to your Clippy Board and you have your team’s diary right there before your eyes!

Clippy Board

How can our Clippy Board make your office come alive?

Have you ever worked (or maybe even owned) a boring office space? You might even be in one right now whilst you’re reading this. You know the type, white or beige, sterile, no colour, no plants, nothing really engaging or inspiring at all!

What can you do though? When you’re renting an office space it’s easy to feel quite limited as to what you can do, you don’t want to paint or put too much up on the walls right?

So we have some ideas for you this month that can really help you make your office come alive:

  • Open bookshelves

This is a really cost effective solution to bring some creativity and colour into your workspace, whether you put books, ornaments or photo frames…. creating this simple and effective storage facility enables you (and your team) to put some personality into the place (without touching the walls!)

  • Eclectic objects

Adding some peculiar, interesting and altogether bizarre objects into your office space can create a bit of a talking point for your staff and visitors. It also gives off the impression that you’re an individual organisation with personality and spirit. It can’t hurt right?

  • Art work, notices and conversation Oh my!

Wait, before you say it, we know- putting anything on the walls is a no no and we understand that, which is why we would like to recommend our brand new Clippy Board for your office, this fantastic piece of equipment will enable you to hang art, create a notice board, engage with staff, post photos and even updated sales messages all in one place. And the best thing about the Clippy Board? It’s got wheels! So you can move it around. You can use it for a specific training event, you can have it posted in reception or maybe in the staff room? Or just put it in an easy to see spot on the office floor. Empower your employees to update it regularly, give them their own space to discuss, banter and feedback to you.

Watch your office come alive with our suggestions above, good luck and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Clippy Board

Notice board must haves for team building

Are you looking to boost morale and improve communication among your team? Well you should be! Team building has many different benefits for the workplace, including making employees more productive. That’s right, more work could be done in less time and all you need is a Clippy Board.

At Rap Industries we’re all for team building, that’s why we’ve made our Clippy Board a must have item for bringing your team together. Check out the different uses of The Clippy Board for you to get started in creating a super team!

Leader boards

Leader boards are a fantastic way to motivate your team and get them to where they need to be. With the Clippy Board there’s plenty of room to move people up the leader board, as their performance gets better and better. There’s no better motivator than seeing how well you’re doing visually, so make people proud of the work their doing.

Employee of the month

Is there anyone in particular who stands out this month? The Clippy Board is the perfect place to let your staff shine. Pop a photo of your star of the month onto the Clippy Board to make them feel appreciated and motivate the other members of the team to get their smile up there. A little competition is healthy in the workplace.

Target and reward schemes

Present targets and reward schemes on the Clippy Board. If you can place the Clippy Board somewhere that is visible every day to encourage the office to achieve more. Watch as people start to work together and get excited about reaching their targets. Trust us; more work will be done with a reward in mind.

Team building games

The Clippy Board can be used to hold a whole host of fun games and activities in order to improve communication among the team.  Games can help your team get to know each other better and work together more efficiently. Why shouldn’t the office be a fun place to be?

The Clippy Board is a robust, double sided, team-building machine, so what are you waiting for? This notice board is a must have tool to get your team to build strong relationships that can be strengthened time and time again. To give your team an advantage over the rest, order yours today by contacting us on 01733394941.

Clippy Board


Get noticed by the clip of a button

By getting your display stand right you can achieve so much! Notice boards are an ideal platform to allow you to put up information for employees around you to see. Notice boards serve many purposes and are very popular in today’s modern office.

A well designed display stand grabs at
tention, interest, desire, memory and a series of mental activities. A notice board is quite simply, more than just a board!

And if you are left wondering what it is that makes a good notice board display, at Rap Industries we have some pretty effective ways for making the staff stop and take notice.

Your content should always be constructed so that you are able to grab the attention of the viewer. Your message needs to not only stand out, but you need to make it appealing. Remember that during the course of a busy day many employees are provided with lots of information. You need something which will capture their eye and their imagination.

Look at keeping your content both interesting and varied so that employees will want to keep coming back to the board on an ongoing basis. By doing so this will enable you to use the board as an effective workplace communication tool.

Carefully consider your communication through your notice board. Less is most definitely more! A good board needs to have a personal style and structured design. This will show your message in both a professional and attractive manner.

Whilst emails are the most popular form of communication these days, they can go un-opened, filtered into spam or even deleted! A notice board can be regularly updated and is more likely to be checked when used in a busy area within your office.

If you feel that your office can benefit from a new notice board why not take a look at our Clippy Boards here at Rap. Our Clippy Boards come in different styles and finishes, even with a variety of feet options. If you are looking to customise your Clippy Board with your brand we can print your logo or artwork directly onto your board. There’s something to suit everyone’s needs and budget with this notice board. So if you are wanting to get noticed by the clip of a button why not take a look for yourself:

Clippy Board

Make your office a fun place to work!

You know the old adage, look after your staff and they’ll look after your business? Well that saying has never been more true than right now in the world of business. With dingy, dark and oppressive offices, your workforce are falling into a slump….a boring, unimaginative, uninspired slump. Do you want that? No of course not, you want a productive, happy and fast paced work team who are only too eager to get on with the work you set them.

How? We hear you ask, is that possible? Well- it’s quite simple really, there are a few cost effective ideas below that might help you transform your office and in turn your work force forever!

  • More Oxygen!

That’s right, it might sound silly but the chances are you’re not getting enough oxygen in your office. Putting plants, trees and all things green will do the following:

  • Brighten up a bland office (if you’re limited to the colour you can have on the walls, the carpets etc)
  • It will bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor (we’ll find out why that’s so important in a minute)
  • Up the oxygen levels in your office for your employees to enjoy!
  • Make it feel like home

Creating a home away from home environment for your employees is a very smart move, having a ‘lounge area’ for them to chill out and relax in their breaks will make them feel happier and more comfortable at work (which will in turn encourage creativity and productivity!)

  • Inspire Creativity

This might not sound so straight forward but at Rap Industries we have a fantastic new product that can really help to inspire creativity. The Clippy Board is your new tool for engaging your work force, building a great space to share work updates and simply giving your team a voice.

Sharing work nights out, ideas, thoughts and even an anonymous space for ideas/thoughts of issues. You make your team feel heard and appreciated.

Why wait? Contact us today and get your Clippy Board installed today!

Clippy Board