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Why your hospital could benefit from our Easy Clean Event!

People look to hospitals for help and advice. It’s somewhere that we ask questions, seek answers and often somewhere we visit in a time of need. But in order to help we know you need the right staff and the right products to distribute the right information. And Display boards are just one of the ways you give advice and answers to your patients.

When it comes to important information you can’t afford to take any chances with your display systems. You need something that’s reliable. That’s why we’re happy to announce that our new Easy Clean Event Display System has features that will guarantee a greater impact on patients and passersby. Take a look for yourself!

Easy Clean Event

The new Easy Clean Event Display system is perfect for displaying health related information because it’s available with up to ten display boards to make information stand out and be seen. People will instantly be able to see which health subject is being displayed and with our clean, white and easy to wipe surfaces, they won’t be able to ignore it. This folding display system can also be moved around for different purposes so you can decide which areas or people you want to target.

One of the added benefits of the Easy Clean Event is that it’s fitted with an anti-bacterial material, suitable for hospitals, veterinary practices, dentists and any other establishment that requires an exceptional standard of hygiene. It’s easy to clean and easy to assemble. Very low maintenance indeed!

With its slim line aluminium frame that ensures a maximum display area and its other practical features, we think the Easy Clean Event is ideal for hospitals and any other health related establishments. Wouldn’t you agree? If you would like some more information on the Easy Clean Event or to order yours today, please call us on: 01733394941.

Easy Clean Event from Rap Industries