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How display boards can help you give back

Display boards are fantastic for all of your advertising and marketing needs but what if they could be used for another good cause?

We know there are so many businesses out there that do all they can to support their chosen charities and get everyone to come together. But wouldn’t it be great if you could do even more for charity just by popping up some information on your display boards now and then? We thought you might like the sound of that. That’s why we’re challenging more businesses to display information that will help charities. We even have the perfect product for this exact purpose!

Event+ from Rap Industries

The Event+ is designed for maximum display space so it’s ideal for displaying information about different charities. Whether you decide to regularly update your display board about your chosen charity or if you want to change the charity around every so often, it’s easy with the pinnable Event+. You could even follow charity awareness weeks to make the most out of your display system.

Now that you’re set on giving back, there’s just one more thing you need to do. You just need to decide which Event+ model would best suit you.You can choose from a 6-8 panel display board or a 3 panel table top display board with a header. All models are finished in a range of Event + colours and are lightweight and easy to assemble. So it just comes down to what you prefer.

Event+ from Rap IndustriesProducts are dispatched within 5 working days, so you’ll be charity ready in no time! At Rap Industries our experts will be able to advise you on the best product for your office space and which products are best suited to your needs. If you would like more information on the Event+ range, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on: 01733394941.

Why your hospital could benefit from our Easy Clean Event!

People look to hospitals for help and advice. It’s somewhere that we ask questions, seek answers and often somewhere we visit in a time of need. But in order to help we know you need the right staff and the right products to distribute the right information. And Display boards are just one of the ways you give advice and answers to your patients.

When it comes to important information you can’t afford to take any chances with your display systems. You need something that’s reliable. That’s why we’re happy to announce that our new Easy Clean Event Display System has features that will guarantee a greater impact on patients and passersby. Take a look for yourself!

Easy Clean Event

The new Easy Clean Event Display system is perfect for displaying health related information because it’s available with up to ten display boards to make information stand out and be seen. People will instantly be able to see which health subject is being displayed and with our clean, white and easy to wipe surfaces, they won’t be able to ignore it. This folding display system can also be moved around for different purposes so you can decide which areas or people you want to target.

One of the added benefits of the Easy Clean Event is that it’s fitted with an anti-bacterial material, suitable for hospitals, veterinary practices, dentists and any other establishment that requires an exceptional standard of hygiene. It’s easy to clean and easy to assemble. Very low maintenance indeed!

With its slim line aluminium frame that ensures a maximum display area and its other practical features, we think the Easy Clean Event is ideal for hospitals and any other health related establishments. Wouldn’t you agree? If you would like some more information on the Easy Clean Event or to order yours today, please call us on: 01733394941.

Easy Clean Event from Rap Industries

Germs in the office: What can you do?

A clean office is a happy office. It’s one of those rules that most of us go by and we do our best to keep our office space tidy (most of the time). But there’s just one problem. A tidy office, doesn’t mean that your work place is clean.

Germs and bacteria lurk in every corner and the office is no exception. Bacteria visits your office far too frequently, causing endless sick days and unwanted illnesses. We think it’s about time you stand up to germs and fight for a clean and healthy environment. That’s why we’ve listed some of the worst places for bacteria to hide in the office and how you can avoid it. If you’re a clean freak then look away now!

Easy Clean Event Display

Your desk

Most of us spend our days slaving over a keyboard not realising what bacteria lies between the keys or is hidden on the mouse. And if that’s not enough to make you cringe, your phone at work holds over 10 million bacteria-400 times more than a toilet seat. Sorry we had to warn you.  And we urge you to clean your desk frequently, especially before your beloved afternoon snack.  Germs on the desk can be avoided if you clean it regularly with disinfectant, not polish!

The Kitchen

A new study by the Work Place Project found that break rooms and kitchens are among the most contaminated rooms in workplaces, with microwave doors and cupboard handles harbouring the most harmful bacteria. How can you avoid this? It’s simple really, you just need to wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer before you enter the break room. And of course give the kitchen a good clean once in a while.

Display boards

Like everything else in the office the display and notice boards are crawling with nasty germs so you may want to think twice about washing your hands after you pin up a notice. The solution? Products such as our Easy Clean Display Board have an anti-bacterial material so you don’t need to worry about harmful bacteria around the office. The Easy Clean Event is easy to clean and easy to assemble so there really is no fuss.

A clean office can improve attendance and productivity so it’s important to take preventative measures. Don’t let bacteria get the better of you!  Unfortunately, we can’t do the cleaning for you but what we can do is offer up some advice and tell you about our anti-bacterial products that are just a phone call away. Call us today to find out more on: 01733394941

Easy Clean Event Displays

How to engage with your students again and again

School’s out! The words you’ve been longing to hear after a hard years work. You’ve been working tirelessly to get your students through their studies and we commend you on how you’ve managed to engage them all this time. But we know that it couldn’t have been easy. It takes strength, determination and a whole lot of new ideas to master the art of engaging young minds.

Now that summers arrived, you want unwind, relax and put your feet up. Who could blame you? And now that you have a moment, we’d like to tell you all about our revolutionary product that will guarantee to put a spring in your step for the new school year.

We really do hate to interrupt your summer but as you know September soon comes around and once again you need to think of new ways to keep your students engaged. But what if we told you that we know how this can be done time and time again? And that after this you can get back to sunbathing? If that sounds good please continue…

So here comes the classroom talk. Don’t worry it wont take long. All we need you to know is that our new Event+ product will improve your classroom for years to come! This display board allows you to display different teaching material for each class. Allowing you to decorate it however you or your students like to keep learning interesting.  Unlike many other display boards, the Plus also comes with a header panel to allow your students to stay focused on which topic their studying. And with a variety of exciting and engaging colours, you can brighten up the classroom and put an end to boredom forever!


Event+ Display BoardsInteractive, eye-catching and easy to use. You couldn’t ask for much more. Never again will you need to think about which engaging products you need for the classroom during your precious summer holidays. Because this can be used time and time again. This lightweight table top stand will be the focus of the room, as well as you of course! And with a starting price of just £71 it’s a no brainer!

Looking to inject colour into your work space?

By injecting some colour into your work space you can dramatically improve its appearance and it can be beneficial to you and your employees! Did you know injecting a little colour into your work space can increase motivation, improve your mood and increase productivity?

Ok, so you may not be able to reach for that bright tin of pink paint and start splashing this to your walls. But this shouldn’t hold you back, and won’t stop you from being able to inject colour and transform your office space in other ways.

When considering the best colours to add to your workspace it is important to look at the effects each colour can bring to your office. Personalising your desk with bursts of colour is a great way to encourage creativity. Do you have people who can easily be distracted? Soft colours like greens and blues help to calm and relax these lively bunch. And if you’re seeking motivation head for the brighter colours which are linked to giving you more energy.

morton desktop screens

Fresh flowers and indoor plants are a great way to bring that little part of outdoors in. They not only add that splash of colour, they smell great! And they have also been linked to decreasing any negative feelings.

Another simple, yet basic way to inject some personality into your working space it to introduce some prints. Perhaps take a look at those inspirational, bright coloured postcards. They look fabulous on your desk, just be sure not to go overboard with these as you do not want to be introducing to much clutter.

While it may not be optional to choose how much natural light you can allow into your office. If you are lucky enough to have the ability to lift that blind, lift it! Natural light alone can change the look and appearance of any colour scheme you have chosen. Your office may look considerably different first thing, to how it looks at night.

If you are looking to create change by adding a splash of colour to your office furniture why not take a look at what we have to offer here: With the ability to customise many of our products we can help you create the best image for your business or brand.

Time to inject some colour into your work environment? Call us on 01733 394941 to see how we can help inject colour, boost that productivity and overall provide you with some great pieces of office furniture which will last for many years to come.

Event+ Display Board

Jazz up a dull space

Whether you are working from home, an office space or a school classroom environment. If your workspace is dull your mood with start to reflect this.

Have you ever noticed that you have that spring in your step on a lovely bright spring day? Yet on a rainy and dull day you simply loose that bounce?

Adding a splash of colour really can have a dramatic influence over our mood. It really is that powerful. An office is not always the most colorful and exciting places to spend your time but it doesn’t have to be a dull environment full of white empty walls. Many studies have been conducted on colours and how this makes us feel. Some colours such as the colour green have been linked to eliminate stress. Whilst blue can help boost your creative side. So adding a splash of colour and jazzing up your office space can be beneficial in many ways.

Offices alike can never have enough writing surfaces and if you are regularly coming together to discuss your bright ideas it makes sense to utilise that space in a creative yet imaginative way. And here at Rap we have come up with a great solution to not only transform a dull space. But by also creating a display board which you can display and pin all your important literature to.

Event+ 10 Panel Display

Our Event + panel display come in a table top form (ideal if you are struggling for space) or an actual panel display board. Take our Event 10 display board for example, this covers an impressive 1874mm in height and 2751mm width when fully assembled. We’ve also added an extra plinth built into the display system which works as a great shelfing unit. With its lightweight aluminum frame this makes it a great tool for exhibitions and many promotional events. You will soon be finding many different uses for just the cost of one display unit. Our Event + display boards come in a variety of ten different colours to be sure to jazz up that office space. So if you’re looking to eliminate the stress from your office, we would recommend the Emerald green, or if you are seeking to let loose of your creative side, opt for the Electric blue.

Our Event + panels come in a variety of sizes and prices, and you can see our full range of choice here: Because we believe in our products and build them to last we have also added a 5 year guarantee for that added peace of security.


Event+ Display Boards