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Small spaces and creative places

Calling all creative companies. It’s time to maximise your wacky and unique office spaces. We know with being creative and all that your office space is probably already super edgy and sleek but we want to help you really make a statement, whilst making some sensible and practical office choices.

Whether you’re a quirky marketing agency or a crazy design business, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re prepared to stand out and be seen, we can help. Give edgy a new meaning with a few tips from us on how to be creative with small spaces…


Desk and room dividers may not seem like the most adventurous office features but if you crave individuality and need practicality; our Delta screens are the best way for creative companies to divide up some space. This cloud shape divider is a quirky alternative to plain and dull desk dividers and they look fantastic in companies who are little more out there than most. They can also be used to set up quiet working spaces or meeting places, as they are soundproof, eliminating any of that unwanted noise from the busy office. Choose from a variety of bold and bright colours to show off that creativity and finally break up smaller spaces without it costing a fortune!

Delta Straight Office Screens

Vertical spaces for bigger looking places

If your office is beginning to feel a bit cluttered it may be wise to think of some storage solutions. Your creative minds need some room to think! And we know just what you need. You need to think vertically! Take advantage of vertical space and use shelving that attaches to the studs in your walls. Use stylish and modern shelving to make the wall more of a feature than a storage solution. You should also think about purchasing some stylish looking wall hooks to hang any coats up. This will immediately make more room for creativity.

Edgy designs

Your creative people, so you know a thing or two about making places look their best. But here are a few tips on how to make the place look even better and bigger at the same time.

  • Use mirror’s to make a room feel a little larger than it usually does.
  • The right lighting and the use of bright colours can do wonders for making a smaller space seem more open.
  • Hang pictures up to give the office some personality and use them as a distraction in small spaces.
  • You could choose to go for a light coloured flooring to make a room seem more spacious or you could for a patterned floor to act as an optical illusion, making everything look and feel bigger.

Now you’ve got the tools to make the most out of your small spaces it’s down to you to choose what’s needed in your creative places. If you need some help along the way we have loads of products to that will help you refresh the office, here at Rap Industries.

Delta Cloud Screens

Impress new clients in style

When the time comes for existing or prospective clients to come to the office and meet you face to face, first impressions are everything. Not only do you need to be on your best form for these types of encounters but so does your office space. You simply can’t afford to mess this up!

How your office space is presented is extremely important when it comes to how people perceive your business and how they perceive you and your employees. There’s no time to waste when making a first impression, so meet and greet in style. It’s time to generate a buzz about your office. Be bold, be seen and be brilliant! It’s all so simple when you use these tips…

Bright colours

Your an exciting, fun and vibrant company to work with so why wouldn’t your office space reflect the same things? Don’t be afraid to go for the wow factor with some bold colour choices and let your clients see how special you are. If your business already has a pretty neat colour scheme, try and stick to it by decorating your office with the same colours.

Delta Screens

It’s all about reflecting your brand and at Rap industries we have enough colour choices to suit everyone’s needs. Why not try our new Delta Screen that comes in a range of unique and vibrant colours? This cloud shape divider screen is perfect for any office that’s looking to make a statement.

Shine some light on it

Dark and dingy office spaces are not going to impress any clients, new or old. You need to shine some light on how fantastic you are and make your space bright and inviting. If this seems like a difficult task at the moment; we have tons of products that let the natural light in, such as our Morton Glazed screens that are an ideal way to divide rooms without compromising the light. You should also make sure your office has sufficient lighting.

Creative decorations

Lightning’s not the only way to brighten up your office space up. Sometimes you might just need some plants or flowers to lighten up the workplace. If they aren’t your thing, then try something that will reflect the company’s personality like cool gadgets or amazing artwork. It really is about whatever suits you. 

Keep it neat and tidy

Keep the office neat and tidy at all time. You’ve got guests coming! Sometimes you might get visitors when you least expect it, so always be prepared. A tidy office shows clients your an organised company to work with.

With these ideas, people are bound to love what you’ve done with the place. And the next time you meet a client you’ll know you’ve done it in style. So stick with it and make your office space a place to be proud of.

5 of the coolest creative offices you’ve ever seen!

Cool and creative offices are the stuff of dreams for those of us who spend our days in dull grey offices, staring at the same blank four walls. While were desperate for some bright colours and something that will liven up our workday, this lot are catching slides to their lunch breaks and taking in the sights of their extremely cool surroundings 9-5.

Not that we’re envious of course!  But here are some workplaces that even the most dedicated employees will drool over…




There’s nothing worse than being trapped inside the office on those long summer days, just wishing you could grab your sunnies and head to the beach. But if you work at this Google office in Israel that beach feeling is only a ride down the slide away from your desk. That’s right, the kitchen area has been made into a surfer’s haven and apparently you will also spot beach huts around the office when you’re walking to your next meeting. It’s enough to take away anyone’s work day blues!




Life’s a picnic at Innocent, quite literally! Here you can enjoy your lunch in an indoor picnic area, complete with fake grass and picnic tables. This creative use of space in the London headquarters is the perfect set up for employees to get away from the daily stresses of work and unwind.




You wouldn’t expect anything less than cool and creative offices from Facebook right? Of course you wouldn’t. All of the Facebook offices are open planned spaces with so much cool things to see, with unique features like these Facebook walls, where employees can write down any thoughts and ideas they might have throughout the day. The Facebook headquarters in California even has a skate park. Get your head around that!




Walking through any of the Lego offices around the world is a child’s dream. Just look at those bright colours and amazing designs. Lego is used to make many office features such as signs but you will also find some crazy Lego statues and buildings if you take a look around. Playtime’s never over for the people at Lego.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money


You don’t ever need to feel like you’re stuck inside in this Virgin Money office in Edinburgh. And if it’s miserable weather outside, you wouldn’t even know it working at this place because the skies are always bright blue. Last year, this office won the British Council for Offices Awards, and was also named the “best recycled and refurbished workplace”. We can see why!

Working with your creative employees

Your company is filled with great potential, filled with creative employees. Some of them are easy to pinpoint and others may need a little bit help to shine. Many companies do not allow these creative creatures to blossom. Unintentionally, however this is why it is ever so important to learn how to motivate your creative staff.

Allowing your creative staff to let loose of their creativity has a spiral effect on the organisation as a whole. And how you deal with the response to this can result in great results.

Don’t forget to provide feedback – Coming up with fresh new ideas takes time and effort. Make your employees feel valued by acknowledging their ideas and providing them with feedback. Why not hold a weekly meeting and brain storm all these new ideas and get everyone involved? This way everyone will have a clear understanding as to why their ideas worked well, or didn’t. The more motivated your staff are, they will offer ideas again.

Giving Feedback

Reward – Look at ways where you can encourage competition and use this to provide prizes or recognition for the best ideas. By acknowledging a team, rather than an individual encourages strong future teamwork which fuels creativity.

Put creative work in context – When employees suggest new ideas these sometimes these get dismissed for being off target. As when senior executives think about innovation, they think five or ten years away. Employees look for immediate improvements. Explain what it is that you’re wanting from your team. Discuss the current market, how this may be changing, and how can this be improved over the next 5 years? Being more specific on your question will empower your creative employees to succeed.

Team Work

Celebrate the failures – Every idea isn’t going to be a success. Inspired ideas often fail. When it comes to being creative, this comes with risks. You need to reward the well thought out ideas, even when they lead to failure. Sometimes companies need to see these failures to really turn this around to find the correct solution. Rewarding these failures will leave your employees with a great mindset to keep them motivated.

Time to boost your creativity

Do you think they have a special ability? Well in fact everyone has the ability to be a creative person, you’re not necessary born this way. We just sometimes need a little help in finding our creative side.

Learn to relax – This can be easier said than done. Especially when you’re trying to come up with something creative. But by relaxing, you rejuvenate your mind and you creative will start to flow naturally. Try walking to free up your mind, simple activities can really relax and unwind your mind.

Daydream – Set yourself time out to sit down and plan up all those creative ideas. Daydreaming has been linked to creativity so there is no better time to start. The next time someone catches you daydreaming on the job and asks you why you’re not working, tell them in fact you’re doing your best, and most creative work.

Take risks – Being creative involves taking chances and risks. So when it comes to unleashing your creativity you have to be willing to take risks in order to advance your abilities. While your efforts may not lead to success every time, you will still be boosting your creative talents that will serve you well in the future.

Put pen to paper – You may not be in the office when you think of a great idea. But that shouldn’t stop you writing your ideas down. Writing ideas down as the come to you clears your mind to move onto other ideas. And obviously you needn’t have to worry about forgetting them. These ideas can soon flourish into fantastic brainstorms full of creativity.

Read – Reading is a fantastic way to relax and stimulate your mind. Reading opens the mind to new ways of thinking whilst increasing creativity. When it comes to those of us in creative fields the problem isn’t so much that we don’t read, it’s that we spend our time reading blogs, tweets and other short snippets. But this doesn’t have the same effect as a book.

So here are a few ideas on how to enhance your creativity. Focus on developing these talents to express your creative side.

Delta Screens from Rap Industries

3 ways to create a culture of innovation

Delta Screens from Rap Industries

If you’ve got your own business then the chances are innovation just comes naturally to you. It’s who you are. It’s why your business exists. You’re a creative creature who can’t be tamed, just full of good ideas and new approaches.

Coming up with the next big thing has always been your job but now it’s time to pass this responsibility onto your team and create a culture of innovation! And this culture must stem from you, yes you, call this your next good move. Passing on the creative flair will have many benefits for your company and all you need to do is hear us out on how to create a culture of innovation and watch your business thrive!

Delta Screens from Rap Industries

Take a step back

Now you’ve passed on the innovation baton it’s time to take a step back. That’s right, no interfering! Let your team find their feet and innovate independently. Your trust in them is what will make them believe in themselves and after a while you’ll notice how they effortlessly think of good ideas. Of course, they will need some guidance and this should mainly involve nurturing your staff, supporting them when they succeed or fail. Make praising success your new office ritual; this will have a tremendous effect on creativity.

Share your story

What better way to set a creative example to your employees than to tell them all about your experiences? Share your stories of innovation with your staff such as, how you started the business and what obstacles you had to face. Success stories have a way of inspiring people so share that wisdom of yours!


If you’re thinking about creating a culture of innovation, then your office structure needs to reflect creative values. You should start by setting a creative tone. Encourage creativity in whichever way you can, reward people publicly, display good ideas around the office and even visit each desk everyday to ask anyone if they have anything they would like to input. The trick is to make sure everyone gets on the creative bandwagon, not just a certain few. Everyone has skills and talents that should be explored and this way, everyone will know that innovation is the new thing in town. You should also establish a budget for new ideas. This lets employees know how seriously you take your innovation.

It really is that simple. In just three steps you can create a culture of innovation in the office that didn’t exist before. Now all you have to do is challenge your employees into becoming great creative thinkers. We know you can do it!


Be creative and improve productivity

Delta Screens from Rap Industries

Whether you’re looking to revamp your office style by adding a little creativity, or starting with a blank canvass. Being creative will not only leave your office looking very trendy, it has also been linked to improving your productivity if you get it right. The spaces we occupy shape what we are and how we behave. So getting it right really can have an impact on your business.

Delta Screens

The colour of your office can play a huge part in affecting your productivity at work. While you may have a certain preference for colour, the effects of colour can really influence your mind-set. Yellow inspires creativity, whilst green creates a calming balance. If you can’t change the colour of your whole office why not opt for surrounding areas with different colours depending on what it is you’re wanting to influence.

You may want to get yourself down to your local garden centre and purchase a nice little potted plant to place on your desk. Plants believe it or not have been linked with many positives. They filter the air to remove bacteria, keeping employees happy, productive and healthy. Adding a potted plant or two are probably the quickest ways in which you can really maximise your productivity at work.

Keep your desk clean and clutter free. Stay organised; keep things neat and tidy in your personal space and your computer folders. You’ll save more time by developing a system and sticking to it than by scrolling through endless documents trying to locate the one you want. And don’t forget to occasionally take time to go through all your old documents and delete! There is no point in keeping documents that you no longer require.

Whatever role you’re in, having a creative and well-designed office with relevant, inspirational and motivational elements is going to benefit you in more ways than one.
Delta Cloud Screens from Rap Industries

Becoming more creative

Delta Cloud Screens from Rap Industries

Sometimes we think you would all agree we lack creativity. We can get stuck in a rut and struggle when it comes to thinking up new ideas. To get your creativity back we need to re-examine our daily habits, and this includes our morning routines and office set up. Being creative requires a certain atmosphere and mood, so to help you get back into the full swing of being creative we’ve got a few tips to help you along you’re way.

Let’s take a look at your body clock – Depending on the kind of person you are, will depend when your creativity is likely to strike. Do you consider yourself a morning person? Or are you more of an evening owl?

Surprisingly, we are more likely to come up with creative ideas during our non-peak times of the day. So if you’re an evening owl, you’re more likely to come up with those impressive ideas in the morning and early birds in the late evening! Night owls we recommend putting your thinking cap on at the same time as that shower cap. And morning birds take time out from all distractions in the evening and let your mind wander.

Re think about what you read and watch – Research suggests that if you’re one to read sad news and videos, this will have a knock on effect when it comes to problem solving and your ability to be really creative. To enhance your creative mind you need to link yourself with positive news and videos. We’ve all heard the saying positive people = positive minds? A good laugh will do wonders for your mood and creativity.

Thinking outside the box – Well we’ve all heard this saying, yet what does it mean? Thinking outside the box is approaching problems in new, yet innovative ways. You need to change your perspective on how you look at things. Take a few moments out and let yourself gaze through your environment and look to discover all the new things, which you didn’t notice before. And we will leave you with this thought: To think outside the box is to look further and try not thinking of the obvious things, but to try thinking of the things beyond them.


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