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Networking before an event and after- why it’s important for your business.

Networking before attending any trade show, seminars, conferences or exhibitions can be very valuable to your business. Online tools have made face-to-face networking less stressful and more time efficient. Networking before your event can not only help you raise your profile, meet new customers and connect with suppliers, it can also be a great way to find out who else will be attending.

Here are a few ways you can obtain this information:

Linkedln – Although there is no longer a dedicated Linkedln application for events, there are still ways in which to find others who may be attending. Search status updates to see if anyone has discussed the event youre going to be attending. Commenting on these updates will get you noticed. And don’t forget to update your own status and invite others to respond.

Twitter – Using Twitter will allow you to follow event organisers. And by doing so this is a given oppurtunity to check out their profile and connect with them before an event. Many organised events will now have their own #hashtag which you can follow. And be sure to use #hashtag whilst updating your tweets.

Facebook – Using Facebook will allow you to participate in Facebook groups. Facebook groups is a feature that allows users to connect, discuss and network within the context of a common interest such as an event.

On the day –  Put all of the above into practise. Use your facebook profile to check yourself into the event. Use your Twitter account to tweet confirming what time you plan on presenenting not forgetting the #hashtag!

Finally – Carry on using your social media to network after the event. Speak to everyone you’ve met, and maybe those who you didn’t get to catch up with. Carry on using the #hashtag on Twitter. Staying in touch on social media will keep the door open for future conversations.

How to get the best out of your office for less!

When it comes to kitting out your office you only want the best and most effective products out there but naturally, you want to minimise your costs.

You’re not looking for products that are going to fall apart straight after you’ve purchased them but neither are you after office supplies that will cost you a small fortune. Well that’s where we come in! We’ve gathered some product ideas that will help you recreate your office space and make the best use out of office products, all with a budget in mind.  Only the best for you!

Budget screens: Our budget screens can be used as a pinnable display system or as desk or office dividers. This is an affordable way of creating an office layout you really want with products that are high quality and great value.

Tip: Desk dividing can improve work efficiency, making it easier for an employee to focus and complete tasks to their best ability.

Notice boards: Notice boards are a cost effective way of getting your message across. Instead of printing out reams of notices (which costs money!) or emailing over every detail (which takes time!), purchase a low-cost notice board that can be easily seen by staff every day. Don’t forget our budget screen can act as a notice board so there’s no need to shop around!

Tip: Employees like to feel as though their part of a team and notice boards are a way of bringing people together. Try posting the occasional humorous notice to give everyone in the office something to talk about.

Storage systems:  Say goodbye to clutter and get yourself some storage systems. They don’t need to be expensive, they just need to save you space. You could get some small desk storage containers or some larger storage containers to make more room. Whatever you do just have a clear out, it will do wonders for your workplace!

Tip: A tidy work place helps to boost staff moral and improves work productivity.

Go green: Have you ever thought about using recycled office products? You can buy anything from recycled stationary to recycled bins if you wanted and often for a lower price than ordinary products. You and your team should also go green and start turning absolutely everything off at night to save money and the environment one step at a time! If its display accessories you’re looking for, we also offer an eco-friendly display range.

Tip: You might just feel good about using recycled products. There’s nothing like helping out the environment!

Revamping your office on a budget

We think you would agree that the best part of planning and re-designing your office is the moment when you get to dream it all up. Thinking of all those innovative new things that will fill your office. Yet, in reality what you need to be thinking about is: “What can we actually afford given our budget?”

You also need to consider are you simply wanting to upgrade old furniture? Or maybe wanting to increase team morale? Whatever your reasons are its easy to get overwhelmed with all the endless possibilities of “revamping” your office space.

A modern and well-designed office can easily be achieved without breaking the bank. Our Budget pinnable screens are available in many standard sizes, however we also offer bespoke screens as we appreciate not one size fits all. So if you’re looking to revamp a small office, or large. These are for you. Our budget screens not only give you that modern cubicle feel with their curved look, they are multi – purpose desks which you can be used to pin (both sides) all that important literature to. (Which can be important in a tight space) Our budget screen are available in a huge range of 17 different colours, so however wacky or plain your office décor, you will be sure to find one which suits! What we also love about our Budget screens is that no drilling is needed. So put those tools down. Our Budget screens are pressed together under immense pressure to make them extremely robust.

As we’ve mentioned previously with our Budget screens you won’t be throwing your budget out the window. You can get the look you’ve been searching for from as little as £81. At Rap Industries we believe good quality furniture doesn’t have to come with that all expensive price tag! It most defiantly doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on the quality. And as with all our products they come with a 5 year guarantee.

For more information or guidance on which pinnable screen is the one for you, contact our professional team at Rap on 01733 394941 who will be more than happy to help you.


Creating a modern office on a budget

Every business owner wants to make their office one of inspiration, creativity and of course, order. Which is why it can often be difficult to really create a great space when you’re on a budget. At Rap Industries we strive to bring affordable office design and layout solutions to all business (no matter their size.) During June we’re going to be bringing you some key pieces of advice, ideal products and of course innovative solutions to help you create an office space you’re proud of, without breaking the bank.
If you’re looking for a modern office space, consider choosing curves rather than a straight edge. Creating curves in the workplace has been linked with positive emotions, which is great for productivity. Our pinnable budget wave screens will give you that creative look that you’re after without damaging your wallet. They are a flexible solution which will not only organise your office space but is also a great board to display information. So fear not, you will no longer be needing to be damage your office walls with everything you need to display! These pinnable budget wave screens are a popular favorite with schools and offices with the added bonus of having not one, or two colours to choose from. But they are available in 17 different colours. Not only do these budget pinnable screens look the part they are also a great sound absorbing tool. Which can be great in a loud office.
By choosing our Budget pinnable boards you can expect a durable product manufactured using an 18mm chipboard core. They are both efficient and cost effective with prices starting from as little as £81. Which makes them an all-round great addition to your office space. Don’t be fooled by thinking we are able to offer these pinnable budget boards at such a great price that we are compromising the quality. As with all our products we offer these screens with an impressive 5 year guarantee.
At Rap Industries we understand that with most things one size does not always fit all. So although our pinnable Budget boards are available in standard sizes, we also offer these in bespoke sized screens. To read more about what we have to offer you can visit our website: http://bit.ly/1AtiUFh or you can pick up the phone and call us on 01733 394941 where one of our fully trained advisors can assist you with your office design.

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