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Social media and successful events

We all want the same things when it comes to events: A good response, more connections and of course, to be remembered for all the right reasons. You want your event to be buzz-worthy; something that people will remember you by for a long time coming! But somehow you need to get people talking about your event in order for it to be successful.

Social media and successful events go hand in hand so here’s how you can make the most out of your social media platforms. Sit back, relax and watch while your user interaction grows and the people come flooding in at your next event.

Social Media

#Hashtags – Using hashtags on your social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter is one of the best ways to create a buzz around your event. Hashtags get people talking and that’s exactly what you need! They should be used to create conversations and direct people to your event, so choose them wisely! Think about what you want your hashtags to achieve, do you want them to act as a reminder or highlight what you will be offering at the event? You should also remember to use them before and after an event. You don’t want the buzz to slow down anytime soon!


Get your audience involved – If people are sharing your social networking posts or using your hashtags, give them some credit. People love to know they’ve made a positive impact so show them you appreciate it by saying thank you. Not only will they want to help you out again, others might just get involved too! There are many benefits of connecting with your audience on an individual level so when you write to them make it personal.


Make the right connections – You must connect with all the right people on every social networking site for the best possible exposure and don’t forget to invite them all to your event.

Use videos and pictures – By using interesting pictures and videos to promote your event, people are much more likely to get excited by it. You could do a short video about the event and pictures of what people can expect. Sometimes humor can go a long way in social networking world so give it some hard thought. You should also capture all of the fun moments that went on at the event to show to everyone what they missed out on. This could be anything from pictures or competition winners to videos of how busy and popular it was.

Social Giveaways & Contests – Giveaways and competitions can drive more people to your social media and more visitors to your table. Your audience will be happy to share your posts if they think they might be in for a chance of winning something really cool.

So what are you waiting for? Get social media savvy and start creating a buzz around your next event.

Game-changing gadgets

When you go to an event what’s the first thing you’re drawn to? Is it someone’s eye-catching display boards, their highly informative signs and leaflets or is it the extremely cool gadgets their using to promote their products?

Streamline Monitor Stand by Rap Industries

Gadgets are fast becoming a game-changer in the world of events and exhibitions. Oh yes, technology has taken over! People love interactive gizmos and in this ever increasing digital age you can’t take any chances. You too need to keep up with the latest trends and that’s why we’ve made a list of some of the best gadgets to use at events to draw people in to the point of no return!


Ipads/ Tablets – Ipad’s and tablets are a wonderful way to interact with your consumers. They can be used to stream video clips, display you social networking pages or best of all, they can be used to obtain customer information. With Ipad’s and tablets people can leave their email addresses, contact details and even reviews all at the click of a button.


LCD Monitors – Using LCD Monitors at your event or exhibition is a great way of building some excitement around your stand. They can be used for video clips, presentations or even to show off your website. There’s no doubt that LCD monitors add visual interest to your stand, take our Streamline Monitor Stand for example, delegates are drawn in immediately!


QR Codes – QR codes are like barcodes that can be scanned by smartphones. By scanning the code, information is instantly passed onto the mobile device. This exciting new way of getting information over to your consumer allows you to choose what pops up on their mobile. You can use your QR code to direct them to your website, give out company contact details or to give them more product information. It’s always a good idea to put a QR code on your roller or pop-up banners. This way if your busy talking to floods of people, consumers can find out information about your company without even speaking to you.


Robots – If you want to get really futuristic, put a talking robot next to your display stand. Robots that can talk or walk around are designed to impress! There not something you see everyday, so people are bound to want to come over and see what all the fuss is about. Robots are a fantastic idea for a product launch, or if you’re heading over to a tech event.


Photo booths – Photo booths are a fun and unique way of letting everyone know you’re the coolest company in town! Let your consumers enjoy and remember the event by taking silly photos away with them.


So now you’ve heard about the latest tech trends its time to take them on board. Make your next event or exhibition one to remember and embrace your new title as a game-changer!

Uses for display systems in healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals are places nearly all of us will visit in our lifetime. Hospitals are places full of joy and pain, a place where one moment may be a celebrated occasion like a birth and the other a deeply saddening occasion like a death. Waiting rooms and corridors are filled with people either waiting to hear happy news or be told something that could change their life forever. Time can disappear with you when you’re waiting to hear news and everyone needs to be in a calm and soothing environment in such situations.

If you’re a health care professional then you have no doubt been there to comfort or help a patient who is wondering the halls of your facility. You and your colleagues do whatever you can to inform and protect your patients and your duty of care doesn’t stop there. Throughout the building, there are the little things you do for patients that sometimes go unnoticed, like the comforting messages and informative medical material you display in the hallways and reception areas. Display material sometimes helps people in ways you couldn’t and if you’re looking to upgrade your current display systems or purchase more of them, take a look at what products we offer at Rap Industries and how they can make your facility a better a place.

Health campaigns: Hospitals and other medical facilities have a duty to guide patients in the right direction and that’s why many promote health campaigns. Whether it’s to target smokers, or other serious health issues, the rewards of getting this information out there are priceless. For the best way to promote a health campaigns choose Our Pop Up and Roller Banners which easily attract attention. For a big impact, you could also use one of our Morton Printed Screens to display large text and graphics.

Important notices: Display boards in healthcare facilities have extremely important information on them. For example, they might have leaflets pinned on them for patients to take away with them about detecting or treating illnesses. Choose from our large collection of display boards to provide patients with a display system that you think will work for them.

Patient information: Display systems in healthcare facilities can also be very useful for staff use. They can be used to make staff aware of important issues in the facility and used to display patient information if necessary. Our Mobi Easy Clean dividers are ideal for displaying information that can be later changed due to its wipe clean surface. The system can also act as a room divider.

As a healthcare professional we know you already do everything you can for patients but it’s important that information is displayed in the right way with the use of the right products. At Rap industries were here to help so contact us today to find out more about our healthcare range.

Healthcare events: What more could you need? 

Healthcare events, like any other should be filled with informative information, knowledgeable professionals and great looking display stands. There a chance for you and your colleagues to get out for the day and show everyone what your profession’s all about. This must be done with great care; everything needs to be right from the way you interact with people, down to what promotional material you use.


At Rap Industries our healthcare range covers everything you’ll need for a networking event or exhibition in the healthcare industry and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is for us to create something that suits your needs. Find out how to make events work for you by reading our short guide on how you should be on the day and how promotional material can help you get there.


Make a statement: At any event you need to be the one who stands out.Get talking to anyone and everyone. People are drawn to confident and sociable beings. You’ll also need a display stand that really stands out to get more people over to your table. Our Streamline Display Stand is perfect for making a statement at an event. It’s a sleek and modern display system that’s ideal for large graphics and eye-catching text.


Go on your own: There’s no problem with going on your own, sometimes people prefer to approach someone when there isn’t lots of people. If you’re worried about taking and setting up all of your promotional material on your own then there’s no need. Take something like our Roller Banners or Pop up stands that are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. It’s a one person job!


Have fun: Don’t even think about going to an event and not having little fun! Events are a time to socialise and let people see who you really are. Your promotional material doesn’t have to boring either. Try using something like our Pop Up Stands, there an all time favourite of ours for events and exhibitions. They look great and grab lots of attention.


Be practical: You do need to be practical when it comes to events. What did you want to achieve? You also need to think about how your promotional material will help you achieve your goals. For example, say your aim is to get a new health campaign noticed by everyone there; you could use a Morton Printed that can be printed on both sides with your choice of graphics so you can really stand out from the crowd.


So what would happen if you tried some of these things at your next event? There’s only one way to find out and there’s only one place that can help you- Rap Industries!


Networking events: Material musts

Now we’ve equipped you with knowledge about how to network and how to create the perfect networking event, we thought we’d share with you the material you will need to impress on such occasions. Whether your attending or hosting, it’s vital that you promote yourself with the must have materials that we offer at Rap Industries. You need to make a lasting impact and we know just how to do so!

Pop up stands

Pop up stands are one of the best ways to market your business at an event. They look professional and credible, making a positive impact on passers-by. You can choose any design that you feel would look great for your brand.


Pop up storage boxes

When you need to put your banner away in a storage box to take back with you, be impressive with your branding showing on the box too.


Streamline exhibition stands

Streamline exhibition stands are laminated with a scratch and tear resistant material for extremely high quality graphics. This product will set you apart from the rest!



Jumbo display panels

Nothing says look at me more than a jumbo display panel. There perfect for events and exhibitions because they attract attention straight away, leaving a large impact. The bigger the better!


Table top displays

Table top display stands are a top priority for a small event. People who come over to your stand will want to talk to you about the information you choose to put on it so make the information clear, simple and interesting.



Custom made display event display system

If you really want to stand out at an event, get your display systems custom made with us. This way we can tailor your stand to your every need.


Carry cases

Make sure your ready to go with our range of carry cases to help protect and transport your promotional material. We have a carry bag to conquer every eventuality so you can go back and forth to networking events with ease. It’s not very often that events are at your doorstep so you need to remember that your material must be portable!


Portable display Plinths and Counters

Portable display Plinths and counters compliment your product and allow you to make your product visible at all times. Not only do they look attractive, there also easy to assemble and dismantle.



Creating your own networking event

Networking is a great way to raise your profile and build valuable long-term relationships, but creating your own networking event lets you do this on your own terms!


By creating your networking event you get to decide who attends and what kind of event you want it to be. This time you’re in charge and there’re no limits to the opportunities you can create for yourself and others. Your job is to strengthen relationships and make the day memorable so we’ve created a guide to get you there.





You need to plan every aspect of your event to the very last detail. What refreshments will there be? Where will people congregate? You must have a clear purpose of your event in order for it to go exactly how you want it to. The main thing to consider is what type of event it will be. Do you want a formal setting or something small and relaxed? You could also decide if you want it to be a one off event or if you want to do a series of events and choose different themes for each one.



Location location location


The location you choose for your event is extremely important. The location sets the scene for your big day and what mood and tone you want to achieve. You want an environment that’s professional but comfortable for everyone. The next step is securing the location you’ve found by booking it as early as possible. The last thing you need is to find the perfect location for it to slip through your fingers! Once you’ve done this you can send out the invites so people know where there going and what there doing. Do this well in advance too.


Be a helpful host


Make people mingle! Prompt people to interact with eachother so they can get the most out of the event. Sometimes it’s good to introduce someone who’s confident, with someone who looks slightly nervous. The great thing about hosting your own networking event is that you know the crowd so you know who will make a great pair. If people are finding it particularly difficult to communicate try providing questions for them to discuss and debate.



Follow up


Get feedback from all of your participants. You could even ask people to leave a review on your website or social media. You may think the event went well but it’s what the participant’s thought that counts. Once you’ve received the feedback make sure you thank everyone and stay in touch. You should also encourage people to stay in touch with the connections they’ve made to show how you’re helpful hosting stretches further than the event you held.