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Moving Office? Here’s what you need to know!

Are you opening a new business or moving your office? Our office moving tips will help you tackle this massive project with some expert insights that will make things easier for you. We’ve broken down these office-moving tips into a timeline of sorts, to help you digest the info and visualise your own timeline, as each new office build or move has a unique timeline. 30-45 Days Before The Move

Setting Up An Internet Connection In Your New Office: Internet Service Providers are notoriously unreliable in their installation dates and you could end up with an office full of people with nothing to do. Limit your risk of downtime by making sure your new Internet connection is scheduled to be live in your new office before you dismantle your network in your existing office. It is best to plan your move date a few days (at minimum) after you’ve taken possession of your new space. These few days allow Internet Service Providers to bring in your connection and then have your IT team build your network. Without an Internet connection, your IT department or tech support company is unable to set up your servers, network or workstations. Since that set up alone may take several days, you definitely don’t want to fall behind because an Internet Service Provider didn’t install when they said they would. Making these arrangements at least one month prior to moving, also allows you to cancel old Internet service with notice to avoid cancellation fees.

Moving IT Equipment: Some companies have their furniture movers also move their IT equipment. This is fine, but can set you back a few days of time. A better option may be to have your IT Company move the IT equipment themselves with a rental van. This allows them to get started on the same day the Internet is brought in.

Planned Work From Home Day: You may want to plan a scheduled work from home day for your team, to limit downtime during the move. For example, you can schedule your movers to pick up from your old office on a Thursday, have your team work from home on a Friday and return work in the new office the following Monday. This gives your movers and IT team and extra day to set up the new office, servers, network equipment, all computers and phones. The extra scheduled day of set up time created by the pre planned work from home day will really help to limit downtime and interruptions for the entire first week back to work after the move.

Taking Possession Of Your New Office 1 Week Before The Move Access: Make sure your IT staff or tech support company have security passes and keys for the new location, as they will likely be working after hours and over the weekend to set everything up.

Server Room Map: Moving your server yourself? Take photos of your server room prior to dismantling it, including close up photos of cabling and interconnects, so you can set things back up more easily (or better yet, hire a professional tech support company to handle server moving for you). You may also want a diagram of these cable connections. You can hand draw one or use a program like Visio to create your diagram.

Equipment Documentation: Record all your model numbers and serial numbers for all computers, servers and networking equipment in case it is lost during the move. This way, you have accurate info to report to the police, and to your insurance company, if you need to make a claim. Assign each team member his or her suite and/or desk number in the new location, as this will come in handy the day before your move

Office Plants: Do not water office plants for about 1 week before moving. If they are knocked over, wet soil spills more easily, stains, and is more difficult to dry out. Wet soil and water can also leak on to other items on your moving truck. Dry soil will stay put a bit better. Label each pot with the suite or desk number it belongs to so movers put it in the right area.

Personal Items: All employees should take home all personal photos and trinkets to safeguard them.

The Day Before Your Office Move Computer & Phones: When packing up computer workstations, have team members put all peripherals and cables in a bag labeled with their suite and/or desk number at the new location. Have desk phones put in another bag, also labeled with the new suite and/or desk number. This allows the IT team or movers to quickly place everything where it belongs.

Laptops: Laptops should be taken home both to reduce risk of damage during a move and to provide employees with a device to work on during an often-required work from home day during your move.

Filing Cabinets: Lock all filing cabinets and tape keys for each cabinet to the outside of said cabinet.

Fridge: Empty the office fridge before moving, or you will open your fridge to quite a mess!

Load IT Equipment On To Moving Trucks Last: If you did not arrange for your IT company to move the IT equipment themselves in order to start building your network as soon as internet service was brought in, then be sure to have the movers load the servers and infrastructure devices (server racks, network switches etc) on to the trucks last so that they are the first items to be accessed so your IT team can get started on building your network. And remember, mounting a server into a server rack is a 2-person job. If you only have one IT person on your team, you may want to hire IT support for your office move. So there you have it. Insider office moving tips from our team of pros. At least one tip is sure to save you from a headache. Good luck with your move!

morton half vision desktop

Decorating without paint

There’s no denying that colour and mood are inextricably linked. Colour in the work environment can play an important role in attitude and behavior, which in turn affects productivity. Did you know that you could create a new office feel without a lick of fresh paint?

The key to decorating your office is maintaining that perfect blend of professional and personal. And we believe we have just that. Our Morton and Omega desktop ranges are exceptionally stylish and elegant and provide sleek looks to any environment. With the choice of 18 colours from the Omega fabric range to choose from you’ll be sure to find a colour that best suits you business, décor and branding.

Our Morton desktop screen range is completely free standing so you don’t need to worry about making any holes in your furniture. It comes complete with an easy fit link system and a high quality aluminum frame.

So if you’re looking to decorate your office. Without the need of paint, we have just the options. We cater for every requirement, so whatever you are looking for we can customise the size at no additional cost. We manufacture on sight, so you can expect a quick turnaround and a product with is tailored to you.

Plus it means you’ll get it much quicker as we dispatch straight from our factory! Being able to offer competitive prices, high quality and fast delivery are just three of the reasons our customers use us time and time again.

Find out for yourself and give us a call!

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Your Desktop Screens…. are you giving it enough thought?

We hope you read this article and it gives you some food for thought….the reality is, for most organisations, they just move into a new office or get a new set of desks and buy any old Desktop Office Screens and think no more of it!

What’s the problem with that we can hear you ask?

The problem is…. well, where do we start?

Without considering your employees needs when it comes to ‘their’ space, you can really affect team morale.

  • Thinking about noise levels, information that needs to be displayed and the aesthetics of a room can all be hindered or helped with the right desktop screens.
  • Buying any old screens (in some nasty old fabric) won’t enhance the look and feel of your office and this in turn CAN hurt your business in the long run.

The solution?

Our Morton Desktop Screen Range is a cost effective, high quality Aluminium framed Desk divider that comes with an easy fit link system. It’s completely freestanding (so no damage to your furniture) and just like with our Omega Desktop Screen products- you have the choice of a whopping 18 colours to pick from!


With our Morton Desktop Screen Range we have different solutions to suit your every business need, so it definitely worth you giving one of our interior planners a call to discuss the different areas of your office, each teams (and those members) roles within your organisation and how they interact.

Why is this important?

Simple- if you have a sales manager sitting on one desk, and she’s surrounding by three members of her sales team. The three sales team members are on the phones all day doing business whilst your manager is supposed to be focusing, concentrating and getting on with important work on her PC- how much work do you think she’ll get done whilst her thoughts are being drowned out by the sound of a busy sales team? ZERO, that’s how much! But with the Morton Acoustic Desk Divider– that problem has a cost effective solution. All of our Morton Screens have been acoustically tested, just visit Rap Industries to view the Acoustic Report.

Remember- your teams’ desktop screens shouldn’t be an after thought, they are the crucial ‘walls’ you need to create the solid foundations of a well oiled team!

Desktop Screens from Rap Industries

What do your employee’s really want on Employee Appreciation Day?

Last Friday, March 6, was Employee Appreciation Day. If you’re an employer and this is new information to you, then have no fear! You don’t need 1 specific day of the year to appreciate your employees, take this gentle reminder to go out there today/tomorrow or next week and tell your employees how valued they are. We guarantee it will change the way they see you AND their productivity,

Don’t believe us?

We’re willing to wager that somewhere in your desk drawer, in a nearby filing cabinet, or perhaps in a box at home, there is a note from a boss, supervisor, or manager who recognized you for your efforts. The message may not have been long, but it was authentic and spoke specifically to your contributions to the success of the organisation.

Why did you keep it? Because we all want to be recognized for doing our best. And when people take time to acknowledge it in such a personal way, it has an amazing impact.

Chester Elton, called the “apostle of appreciation,” once said it only takes 90 seconds to write a thank you note.  However long it takes to write your notes, here are some quick ideas on what to say to that valuable employee:

  • Mention how their efforts have enabled the team or organisation to better succeed.
  • Highlight an instance where they went “above and beyond” in their service to customers or coworkers.
  • Talk about how their work has inspired others and be specific about what others did because of that inspiration.
  • Write about how you have seen them grow professionally. Mention a skill they now have that was not there when they came to the organisation.
  • List some of the qualities they possess that makes them a positive presence within the organisation.
  • Share positive comments you have heard others say about them.
  • Look back at some goals they said they had when they came to the company, and congratulate them on being so committed.

If you still struggle with what to say in a thank you note, pull out ones you have received in the past. I know you’ve still got them.

How to make your office a creative yet functional haven for your employees.

Many businesses and organisations are willing to invest significant amounts of money making sure that their employees are as healthy and happy as they can be.

Numerous research has long suggested that healthy, happier workers are more productive, more likely to collaborate with colleagues and more likely to innovate in ways that benefit the company.

So how can a company ensure its workforce is as healthy and happy as possible?

Did you know that poorly designed workspace could increase the risk of asthma, diabetes, a poor BMI and overall fatigue, while thoughtfully designed workspace allow workers to feel better than when they arrived.

An interesting fact: that by staying seated for more than 1 hour causes fat burning enzymes to decline by 90%, as well as causing physical and mental lethargy. So encouraging employees to stand can significantly improve this. Next time you are having a team meeting, why not get everyone standing? Small and little changes can have a huge impact on your business.

Throughout the course of the day workers can often feel sluggish. And when we are feeling like this, we tend to grab a coffee or tea to perk us up. Yet, the best thing for us to be turning to is in fact water. Lack of water is the greatest source of fatigue workers. So by keeping water machines in close proximity can help.

Us humans are sensory beings; we respond well to visual and auditory cues. Equipping a workspace with appropriate levels of light and soothing textures and colors, while keeping background noise to a minimum helps keep workers alert. Where possible access to natural light is considered the best. We can appreciate that some offices may not be able to accommodate this. So well designed light sources can be a great substitute.

Sitting poses serious health risks to all of us. And while breaking this cycle with “stand up” meetings can help. Offices need to consider its furniture. A staggering 86% of workers experience some discomfort from office furniture. So providing a comfortable workstation can allow workers to change postures during the day.

Morton Desktop Screens from Rap Industries


How do you give your staff their own space?

How do you give your staff their own space without compromising light and layout?

A common challenge we face amongst our clients, is the need to create individual work spaces, privacy and still maintain an ‘open plan office.’

They come to us, frustrated, nervous and reluctant to ‘waste money’ but desperate for a solution…and guess what? We have one!

Actually, we have two!

That’s right, here at Rap Industries we are the premier designer, manufacturer and supplier of Desktop Screens, Desk Dividers, Desk Office Screens and many more! We have two key ranges (one we’re going to go into a little bit more detail about in this article…for the other one, stay tuned!)

Our Omega Desktop Office Screens are an exciting new addition to the Desktop screen family- Omega Straight Desktop screens are a great solution for companies who wish to have their own private working space yet still creating the team atmosphere. The Omega desktop screen is available in a huge range of fabric colours- we have more than 18 colours in our fabric colours. You’ll be able to find a striking colour to suit your business, branding and décor. If you want to order your free colour guide from us at Rap Industries then just click here

Desktop Screens

The most exciting things about our Omega Desktop Screen range? Probably that the options and choices with it are practically unlimited….

We have a Pinnable Omega Desktop Screen– so your team can ‘personalise’ their work space to their hearts content, you can put important sales targets or messages on their and they can even put words of encouragement or company awards there to keep them motivated.

The Pinnable Wave Desktop Screen (in the Omega range) has all of the pinnable characteristics about but is also in a wave shape, we find this to be a real aesthetic strong point for a lot of our clients, the wave offers something a little bit different to an office and can often make it feel just a little bit more open.

Finally we have our famed Accoustic Desktop Screen (in the Omega range.) Of course the name speaks for itself, but the key point to this is the noise reduction qualities this entire range has, struggling to keep a busy sales floor focussed on their own calls? Then the Omega Accoustic Desktop Screen is the perfect choice!

All of our Desktop Screens come with free clamps to easily and quickly fit them to your desks, we always dispatch within 10 working days, and if you do need it quicker then we have an express option too!

Omega Desktop Screens