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Interview with Upholstery at Rap Industries

Q: How long have you been working at Rap Industries?

I have been working at Rap Industries for 5 years

Q: Tell us about an average day for you?

The first thing I do is to check that all the fabric is cut ready for the day’s work by checking my job sheet for what is due out. I also like to keep ahead so that we can send out the screens quicker than the standard lead time. Within the department with check with each other who has most time free and is able to upholster which screen so that everyone is busy, but nobody is to too swamped.

Q: What are the best things about your job?

I like to try and improve on my work to make sure that the customers are happy with the final product. I enjoy knowing that work I have done is sent out across the country and that we produce top quality work. I work with really good people too so there is always a good atmosphere.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

The biggest challenge I face is to ensuring my work is top quality, whilst also meeting deadlines and dispatch dates. We work at a fast past but the environment is great and everyone is always willing to help each other out.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to companies considering investing in displays?

I would personally recommend purchasing the Morton Vision Screens or the Flexi Panel Displays because they look really good once finished, and I really enjoy making them.

Q: What do you have to say about Rap Industries as an employer?

I think Rap is a really good company. We all make a really good team. There’s a fun easy-going atmosphere that’s always professional. I’ve seen the company grow and come a long way and it’s great to be a part of that. Our opinions are all valued and we’re well looked after.

Meet the Rap Team- Interview with Junior

Can you tell us what your job role is and what that entails?
– I’m an accounts assistant. That means I spend my day making payment to suppliers, communicating with customers regarding payments, daily reconciliations and banking the cheques, basically credit control.

What is your favourite part of your job?
– I like doing calculations. They test me and keep me on the ball. I have to really think about what I’m doing.

What skill would you like to develop to help you in your role?
– I like to think I have good communication but I’d like to develop this a bit further.

Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?
– I’d like to be in control of all the accounts; look after them all and keep them all up to date. That’s what I’m aiming for.

What skills do you need to learn to excel in your job?
– Communication. You need to have good communication skills when talking to suppliers and customers.
Mathematics is really important with accounting- after all it is a lot of numbers.
Organisation skills definitely come in handy. As certain tasks need doing by a certain time you need to keep on top of your work load.

How do you find the people you work with?
– I enjoy working with them all. They’re a bundle of fun!

Are there any areas of the business you would like to know more about?
– Sales and the products. I know a lot about the process after the order comes in and what happens then but I’d like to know about what the sales team do; all the in-depth knowledge they have on the products.

What are the positives of working at Rap?
– It’s a really good working environment. I can have a laugh and a joke, but they’re always helpful.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?
– I play a lot of football and referee football too, I really enjoy doing this. I like to spend time with my family a lot outside of work as well.

Interview with Junior

Construction of a Mobi Display Screen

When talking to our customers we had requests for a lightweight display screen that was mobile and could be easily folded up and stored. That’s where the idea for the Mobi screen came from. Upholstered in Velcro friendly fabric and on castor feet it was the perfect solution for displaying material.

We begin by cutting the core using a computer programmed saw where we set the exact size so the saw cuts to the size we require for the screen. We use a lightweight core to ensure the product is easy to transport.

The aluminium frames are cut to the exact size and a silver powder cost is applied to finish the edges. We use silver aluminium framework to give an attractive finish to the screen. The frames are cleaned with a silicone primer.

The loop nylon fabric is then cut to size and is then applied to the core and the edges are trimmed to give a neat finish. Silicone is applied to the frames, which are then attached to the core. The bottom bar is made longer to allow for the castor feet.

Double single rings are put into place to connect the boards together. These are what give the Mobi Screens their flexibility. The boards are then secured using screws to make sure they are sturdy. Another double ring is used to attach the next screen and so on.

Our Mobi screen product labels are then applied, and every board is brushed down before packing. The castor feet are then attached in specific areas. The boards are then wrapped in bubble trap top to bottom to keep them protected. Card is then placed on the top and bottom to help stop any damage during delivery.

Included with the Mobi Display Screen are the instructions for assembly and some Velcro dots so that you can displays your posters etc.

The printed lid is then fitted onto the box and it’s ready for dispatch.

Construction of a Mobi

The Budget Screen- A Pinnable & Robust Partition Screen

In the mid 80’s we were always receiving requests from schools and colleges for a pinnable screen solution. The criteria was quite simple – a pinnable surface screen with the ability to link them together. They needed to be robust with low profile anti trip feet. We saw a gap in the market for this type of product so we started to design a partition with a pinnable core that was available in various sizes.

Budget Screens from Rap Industries

The Budget screen was so named due to its low cost, but don’t be fooled. The cost may be low but the quality is very high. They are manufactured using an 18mm chipboard core with 8mm pinnable insulation board either side that’s compressed together under immense pressure. This gives us the robust strong screen we sell today.

The Design
Manufactured to your specific heights and widths you have three options; straight, curved or wave top. Having the three designs allows you to use the entire range throughout your office environment keeping the colours and finish the same all the way through. You can choose from 18 different woven fabric colours and either a black or grey trim. As standard the Budget screen comes with wheelchair and trip friendly stabilising feet.

Budget Screens from Rap Industries

The Features & Benefits
All of the Budget screens are constructed from a true pinnable core, which means you can push pins into the screen and take them out again and so on and it will not damage the screen. The pure purpose of the Budget is to display. Upholstered in a woven fabric of your choice, and finished with a PVC edging is what gives the screen its durability. The edging at the sides of the screen have a linking channel. This allows you to use the free of charge 2 way linking strip provided to join screens together easily, and then separate them just as easy if you need to without the use of tools.

The Process
We start off by taking your exact quantities, sizes, fabric and trim colours – we don’t hold any of these screens in stock, they are ALL manufactured to order. We often have customers who require us to provide screens for their entire office, with different sizes & colours. In this instance we ask for an office floor plan or a drawing of which screens they require. This can help us especially if the size of the screen is very precise – we will manufacture to meet your exact requirement. Once we’ve confirmed all of the details with you only then do we begin making your screens.

The Triple Safety Screens
From talking to our customers we saw a gap in the market for a system using three screens linked together that were both portable and pinnable. As we had already mastered the manufacture of the Budget screens we decided to sell the triple safety screen as a set – three budget screens with the dimensions of your choice, linked together on castor feet for easy mobility. This also gave our customers the ability to use the screens in a set of 2 or as a single screen if they required. The triple safety screen is therefore so named as it’s a strong sturdy screen on rubber braked castor feet.

A lot of businesses will settle for attaching notices or information to their walls when our low cost Budget screens are both efficient; allowing you to pin into to display all you need whilst also dividing your office as an attractive partition screen.

Triple Safety Screens from Rap Industries