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Rap & UK Manufacture

When purchasing your office screens and display equipment there are plenty of companies in the display industry to choose from, so what makes us different from all the rest? We manufacture EVERYTHING in house at our premises in Peterborough, from the high quality printing through to the construction of your screen.

Rap & UK Manufacture

In 1967 Roy Payn started selling office furniture in London’s West End and discovered that manufacturers couldn’t meet his customer’s needs, so he started manufacturing to enable him to meet these needs. Rap Industries is a family run business with everybody working under one roof- from the sales team and the marketing department in the office to the manufacturers in the factory. The team is a mixed bunch, but working together at the same site allows us to not only work better as a team but also means our prices are competitively low and we can meet customer requirements quickly and effectively. So whether you’re an employee or a customer of Rap Industries we offer you the best relationships, rewarding careers and very competitive prices.

Being a UK manufacturer means we can work with you right from beginning to end, and we want to ensure you receive the right product for you. We discuss all of your requirements, what you will be using the products for and if we can we’ll offer an alternative more cost effective solution for you. A lot of the time we ask our customers to send over an office plan or quick sketch so that we can double check the exact dimensions are correct. We don’t hold any of our office screens in stock- we manufacture them all to your requirements.

Rap & UK Manufacture

We pride ourselves on being a British based company, meaning we can create more jobs for those just leaving school and starting a career or the unemployed. We’re able to do this by managing the whole supply chain. We don’t need to rely on suppliers, and by manufacturing everything in house we are able to offer more jobs to Brits. The majority of our materials are sourced here in the UK so we’re also adding to the British economy which is something we feel very strongly about. By keeping our costs down and the UK job level up we feel we’re doing our bit as a British manufacturer.

Meet the Rap Team- Interview with Emma

Can you tell us what your job role is and what that entails?
– I’m a sales administrator. This means I liaise with customers on a daily basis and assist with their needs, whether that be an order or just providing them with some information.

What is your favourite part of your job?
– I love seeing the order process. It starts from the order coming in right through to production, and then out to manufacture and dispatch.  I really like how much information there is to learn about everything. Every aspect of the job and the company has something new to offer in a way of learning new information and skills.

What skill would you like to develop to help you in your role?
– I’d like to develop my computer skills- particularly database. We work on a database every day, and I would like to know more about databases and how they work. This is probably more of an interest, but I do think it would help me process orders faster to give the customer a quicker service.

Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?
– I would like to be more involved with the production side as well as sales. I like working in sales because it allows me to speak to the customers which I love, and offer them my assistance. I find the production side interesting and I find that the two teams work very closely together already.

If you could change one thing about your job what would it be?
– I don’t like sitting at the desk all day, I’d like to be more active but I think that’s because I am generally a very active person. Where possible I would like to spend more time up and about, even assisting more customers in the showroom would be great.

What skills do you need to learn to excel in your job?
– Customer service skills are very important. Good communication and good listening are really what you need to be a sales advisor.
Keeping to deadlines is crucial. You need to be able to get your orders through as soon as possible, and need to be able to work well under pressure. Majority of the time we’re all extremely busy so we need to thrive in that environment and keep on top of everything.
Organisation skills. An untidy desk is an untidy mind. You need to keep everything neat but where you can find it in a hurry. I have folders which are alphabetical, and trays to prioritise work. There’s nothing worse than trying to find something when you’re rushing, so it makes my job a lot easier if I’m tidy.
How do you find the people you work with?
– They are a great team who all pull together. They keep me motivated to do the best job I can!

Are there any areas of the business you would like to know more about?
-I’ve seen how the products are manufactured but I’d really like to experience it. I think a little hands on work would help me to get a better understanding of construction and the components of a product, and pass this information onto customers.

What are the positives of working at Rap?
– It’s a family run business. They all made me feel really welcome when I first started, and even now. The whole team all work really well together which always helps. We’re a manufactured too which in my time here I’ve learnt means we can be very competitive, and we also have all the information we need. We don’t have to call the manufacturer to find the information out and go back to the customer, we already know it

What could be done to improve your role?
– Continuous training would be great so that I can keep up to date with product changes, and even changes in sales. Sales is never the same. It’s different day to day, but the structure and service we give needs to always be the best we can, so updated sales and customer service training would help with this.
Could you tell us a little about yourself?
– I love exercise. I really enjoy running, I recently started circuit training. I like being outside, especially when the sun is shining. I enjoy reading, especially crime thrillers.

Interview with Emma from Rap Industries

The Morton Range- Continuous Design Throughout the Office

Our design team originally came up with the idea for the Morton Screens when one of our customers, The Mormon church approached us requesting a strong mobile screen to be used in their churches throughout the UK so we set to work designing a partition that fits their design brief:

1. To be strong enough to be linked altogether in a straight line or angled (they need to stand up against the younger members of the church that would use them as a train and ride along on the castor feet)
2. They needed to have good acoustic qualities, a soft looking fabric finish and be within their budget.

We started by creating a design plan with all of the above criteria. Many mock ups were produced before the final product was created. The Mormon Church agreed the screen was now exactly what they were looking for. From that the Morton Screen Range was born.
The screen range was named Morton as a tribute to the Mormon Church for all the help we received from them during its design process.

The great thing about the Morton Screen range is that it can be used throughout your entire work space. With the same finish and framework the continuous design flows through the building. We created the range specifically for this purpose to give that sleek elegant finish to your working environment. All of the screens contain an acoustic foam core that has been sound tested to ensure that they help to reduce the noise in your work environment.

Morton Acoustic Screens

Your Desk
Desktop Mortons do exactly what they say. They’re attached to your desk to give you the privacy you need to work, but without excluding you from the rest of your team. The acoustic core also absorbs noise making it easier for the individual to work in a more peaceful environment.

Your Office
The freestanding Morton acoustic screens are ideal for big offices, allowing you to separate departments without completing shutting them off from the rest of the office. Available in a choice of fabrics they do a great job of adding a little colour to your workplace too. The three options of having them straight, curved or wave enables you to use them throughout your office environment giving a stylish finish.

Your Clean Areas
Morton Laminate screens are perfect for dividing your clean areas into sections or partitioning off your cafeteria area with their easy clean bacteria free surface. Their dry wipe quality also allows you to display any messages to your staff. This also makes them great for using as a whiteboard with their high gloss surface, that can be wiped clean after meetings or conferences.

morton laminate screens
Your Reception
Our vision screens are available in either half, top or full vision consisting of a clear or frosted acrylic panel finished with either laminate or fabric bottom section. These screens are perfect for use in your reception area, letting just enough light through and keeping the office bright. The vision section of these screens can also be personalised with your own custom printed graphics.

morton half vision screens

Your Board Room
Concept screens are the ideal solution for allocating part of your office space to create a board room for meetings and interviews. The screens themselves were designed to offer a fabric colour variation to break up the standard single panel, to give a more interesting and vibrant vertical surface. Available in either 2 or 3 sections, in either fabric or acrylic their sound absorbing core create the perfect meeting room environment. The choice of fabrics and finishes match all of the other partitions in the Morton screen range so you have one complete look throughout.

So that’s your office, desk, warehouse, cafeteria  and reception sorted using just one range of office screen that was designed specifically to be a cost effective, well designed, ageless partition screen able to fulfill various requirements.